Islamic Azkar

1When waking up2Supplication when wearing a garment3Supplication said when wearing a new garment4Supplication said to someone wearing a new garment5Before undressing6Before entering the toilet7After leaving the toilet8When starting ablution9Upon completing the ablution10When leaving the home11Upon entering the home12Supplication when going to the mosque13Upon entering the mosque14Upon leaving the mosque15Supplications related to the athan (the call to prayer)16Supplication at the start of the prayer (after takbeer)17While bowing in prayer (rukooAA)18Upon rising from the bowing posision19Supplication whilst prostrating (sujood)20Supplication between the two prostrations21Supplication when prostrating due to recitation of the Quran22The Tashahhud23Prayers upon the Prophet ﷺ after the tashahhud24Supplication said after the last tashahhud and before salam25Remembrance after salam26Supplication for seeking guidance in forming a decision or choosing the proper course…etc (Al-Istikharah)27Remembrance said in the morning and evening28Remembrance before sleeping29Supplication when turning over during the night30Upon experiencing unrest, fear, apprehensiveness and the like during sleep31Upon seeing a good dream or a bad dream32Qunoot Al-Witr33Remembrance immediately after salam of the witr prayer34Supplication for anxiety and sorrow35Supplication for one in distress36Upon encountering an enemy or those of authority37Supplication made against an enemy38What to say when in fear of a people39Supplication for one afflicted with doubt in his faith40Settling a debt41Supplication for one afflicated by whisperings in prayer or recitation42Supplication for one whose affairs have become difficult43Upon committing a sin44Supplication for expelling the devil and his whisperings45Supplication when stricken with a mishap or overtaken by an affair46Placing childen under Allah’s protection47When visiting the sick48Excellence of visiting the sick49Supplication of the sick who have renounced all hope of life50Instruction for the one nearing death51Supplication for one afflicted by a calamity52When closing the eyes of the deceased53Supplication for the deceased at the funeral prayer54Supplication for the advancement of reward during the funeral prayer55Condolence56Placing the deceased in the grave57After burying the deceased58Visiting the graves59Prayer said during a wind storm60Supplication upon hearing thunder61Supplication for rain62Supplication said when it rains63After rainfall64Asking for clear skies65Upon sighting the crescent moon66Upon breaking fast67Supplication before eating68Upon completing the meal69Supplication of the guest for the host70Supplication said to one offering a drink or to one who intended to do that71Supplication said when breaking fast in someone’s home72Supplication said by one fasting when presented with food and does not break his fast73When insulted while fasting74Supplication said upon seeing the early or premature fruit75Supplication said upon sneezing76What is said to a Kafir when he sneezes77Supplication said to the newlywed78The groom’s supplication on the wedding night or when buying an animal79Supplication before sexual intercourse80When angry81Supplication said upon seeing someone in trial or tribulation82Remembrance said at a sitting or gathering…etc83Supplication for the expiation of sins said at the conclusion of a sitting or gathering…etc84Returning a supplication of forgiveness85Supplication said to one who does you a favour86Protection from the Dajjal87Supplication said to one who pronounces his love for you, for Allah’s sake88Supplication said to one who has offered you some of his wealth89Supplication said to the debtor when his debt is settled90Supplication for fear of shirk91Returning a supplication after having bestowed a gift or charity upon someone92Forbiddance of ascribing things to omens93Supplication said when mounting an animal or any means of transport94Supplication for travel95Supplication upon entering a town or village…etc96When entering the market97Supplication for when the mounted animal (or mean of transport) stumbles98Supplication of the traveller for the resident99Supplication of the resident for the traveller100Remembrance while ascending or descending101Prayer of the traveller as dawn approaches102Stopping or lodging somewhere103While returning from travel104What to say upon receiving pleasing or displeasing news105Excellence of sending prayers upon the Prophet ﷺ106Excellence of spreading the Islamic greeting107Returning a greeting to a Kafir108Supplication said upon hearing a rooster crow or the braying of an ass109Supplication upon hearing the barking of dogs at night110Supplication said for one you have insulted111The etiquette of praising a fellow Muslim112The Talbiyah113At the black stone114Supplication said between the Yemeni corner and the black stone (at the KaAAbah)115Supplication said when at Mount Safa & Mount Marwah116The Day of AAarafah117At the Sacred Site (Al-MashAAar Al-Haram)118When throwing each pebble at the Jamarat119What to say at times of amazement and delight120What to do upon receiving pleasant news121What to say and do when feeling some pain in the body122What to say when in fear of afflicting something or someone with one’s eye123What to say when startled124When slaughtering or offering a sacrifice125What is said to ward off the deception of the Obstinate Shaytans126Seeking forgiveness and repentance127Excellence of remembrance and glorification of Allah128How the prophet ﷺ made tasbeeh129Etiquette of retiring for the night